National Research Agenda on Libraries, Learning and Teens

Jan 21, 2017

YALSA's 2017 - 2021 National Research Agenda focuses squarely on incorporating the principles outlined in YALSA's 2014 report on "The Future of Library Services for and with Teens: A Call to Action." This report challenges libraries to re-envision teen services in ways that recognize the resources available to libraries as well as the changing needs, and demographics, and information practices of today's teen population. Additionally, significant developments in technology led to the need to rethink how services for and with teens are best designed and delivered.

This agenda has five priority areas: 1) Impact of Libraries as Teen Informal & Formal Learning Environments; 2) Library Staff Training, Skills & Knowledge; 3) Equity of Access; 4) Cultural competence, Social Justice & Equity; and 5) Community Engagement.

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