Fannie E. Rippel Foundation

Morristown, NJ |


Assets: $80,065,288
Total Giving: $157,770

The core purposes of the foundation are research and treatment related to cancer and heart disease, the health of women and the elderly, and the quality of our nation’s hospitals. In today’s health environment, the trustees have determined that major advances in these areas will come from substantially new ways of thinking about how we maintain our health, as well as how we define, structure, and deliver healthcare. New paradigms are needed that embrace the wholeness of the individual, the power of science, the globalization of medicine, and the challenging dynamics of our healthcare system. Knowing that purposeful actions can produce significant results, the mission of the foundation is to strategically invest its limited resources to seed innovation, catalyze change, and create model processes that will lead to improvements in health. The goal is to achieve better health, better care and lower costs for all.